Love Quadrangle

CAPS/Armenian Theatre Company

Love Quadrangle
29 mars 2020   7:30 PM
Atwater Village Theatre
3269 Casitas Ave., Atwater, Los Angeles, CA 90039
California - United States

For tickets & Further Information visit Telephone (818) 450-4801

A woman comes back from her business trip and finds her lover- a married man- has decorated her apartment as for a funeral, with the appropriate music. What is this, she asks? A requiem for our love, he answers, you’ve been gone too long! And by the way, he has fallen in love again!

Love Quadrangle (Sirayin Karangyuni), Armenia’s foremost contemporary playwright Kariné Khodikian’s play could have been a response to the MeToo Movement, except it was written in 2005. This unconventional comedy-drama examines both the way men manipulate women and the range of responses from women—from meek acceptance to defiant rejection and beyond.

Starring: Chadwick Bradbury, Frances Martin, Sandrine Sahakians and Anjy Shamo.

Translated and directed by Aramazd Stepanian

Choreography by Marwa Bernstein, Lighting Design Christopher Rivera, Stage Manager Adena Hovhannisian.

As a prelude to Love Quadrangle, we’ll present two short plays by William Saroyan: HUSBAND AND WIFE and THE PING PONG PLAYERS—semi-comic pieces about wives and their husbands…

Starring Jacklyn Narian and Arin Keshishian

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