An Insight on Entrepreneurship

American University of Beirut

An Insight on Entrepreneurship
26 mai 2018   11:00 AM
American University of Beirut
Charles W. Hostler Auditorium
Beirut - Lebanon

Post-Modern Economics: "An Insight on Entrepreneurship".

In spite of the current challenging Lebanese economy and critical financial situation, our keynote speakers and panelists will expose the ways, hopes and opportunities for young Lebanese entrepreneurs and what can make of Lebanon a tech-hub in the region and in the world.

Promising students will pitch their potential ideas and get feedback on their innovations.


Mr. Saad Sabrah

Country Head (Lebanon) IFC - World Bank Group

Mr. Roger Eddé

International Financier, Developer and Entrepreneur

Dr Meguerditch Bouldoukian

Former Vice-Governor of the Lebanese Central Bank

Head Global Busines Development Desk - Credit Libanais

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