Komitas 155th birth anniversary concert-exhibition

Klingen Choir and Cultural Association

Komitas 155th birth anniversary concert-exhibition
18 mai 2024   6:00 PM
St Sarkis Church, Iverna Gardens, London, W8 6TP
London - United Kingdom

19th century silver jewellery, artworks and Komitas manuscripts exhibition and talk, solo performances by internationally acclaimed musicians, vocal esemble & Klingen choir, presenting the immortal musical heritage of the great Armenian composer Komitas

Narine Malkhasyan-soprano

Elvira Margarian-soprano

Helen Rotchell mezzo-soprano

Hagop Mouradian-oboe

Sipan Olah tenor-piano, conductor. concert director

Evgenia Terentieva-piano

Polina Sharafyan-violin

Arie Dakesian-guitar

Mariam Torosyan-artist

Hayarpi Yeghikyan-soprano

Tickets: £15

Free refreshments after the exhibition at the Gulbenkian Hall

For tickets contact

Mrs Narine Petrosyan 07393080410


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