Business Opportunities in Armenia

Business in Motherland

Business Opportunities in Armenia
2 mai 2020   3:00 PM
The Smallville Hotel
Badaro Street, Badaro, Beirut
Beirut - Lebanon

The economy of the Republic of Armenia is booming and the possibilities to invest, to establish or to trade with Armenia, multiply.

The advantages of investing in Armenia: Favorable legislation and climate for foreign investors. Guarantee and free repatriation of invested capital and profit; Property rights.

Are you interested in starting a business in Armenia?

Nowadays, Armenia is a country of opportunities with a modern, well-educated, hard-working human capital, and various models of cooperation with a number of countries especially Diaspora's network like Lebanon.

The forum will offer a great network and slick joint investment opportunities and all Lebanese can join and benefit since the focus will be on small and medium business investments.

Join the forum and be informed about the small and medium business opportunities that can build a strong bridge with motherland.

Save the date: Saturday, May 2, 2020

Save the place: SmallVille Hotel, Badaro, Beirut

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