Securing Armenia’s Economic Outlook: Driven by a Strong Tech Sector

NAASR & Samson Avetian, eqwefy

Securing Armenia’s Economic Outlook:  Driven by a Strong Tech Sector
20 juin 2024   7:00 PM
Massachusetts - United States

Samson Avetian will explore Armenia’s economic prospects and the critical role that technology, sciences, and innovation play to ensure security and sustainability. He will review the progress made, the current dynamics, and the outlook for the Armenian technology industry. The Armenian Tech Economy has recently witnessed remarkable growth driven by global technology companies including Microsoft, Nvidia, Synopsys as well as by innovative startups such as ServiceTitan, Picsart, Codesignal and others.

Samson Avetian, a graduate of Harvard Business School, Gothenburg School of Business, and Stockholm University, is the author of Armenia’s Economy: The Next 25 Years. He is the CEO of eqwefy, a university research-born initiative which has been supported by AUA and the ICMPD/European Union and the co-founder of Angel Investor Club of Armenia. Avetian also contributes to outlets such as Civilnet, EVN Report, How2B, Radio 106.5, Re:Arrange, Forbes Armenia, and Benzinga, among others. An invited professor at AUA since 2015, Avetian repatriated to Armenia in 2010.

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