Tea & Coffee festival

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Tea & Coffee festival
27 sept. 2019   11:00 AM
Swan Lake
Yerevan - Armenia

Yerevan Tea & Coffee 2019

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September 27-28, 2019. The annual Tea and Coffee Festival will be held in Yerevan near Swan Lake.

The festival will be a great celebration for all lovers of these aromatic tonic drinks. Everyone is invited to have a good time on an autumn weekend, with friends, with children, with family, from the heart to drink tea, coffee, dessert, for which tasting will be organized, to purchase your favorite varieties at wholesale prices. This is a great opportunity to go on a magical journey to the World of Tea and Coffee to participate in contests, listen to live music.

The main event of the festival will be an exhibition-fair of tea, coffee and related products. Various varieties of tea and coffee will be presented here; varieties of local herbal teas.

In specially designed pavilions you can see tea ceremonies of the peoples of the world (Vietnam, China, India, Korea), get acquainted with different ways of making and consuming tea in accordance with national traditions. Such a direction as Armenian herbal and mountain teas, culinary products will be especially highlighted.

On the first day of the festival the Championship will be held for the first time in Armenia, the international jury will evaluate the Armenian barista. The Barista Championship is the most difficult and most prestigious of all coffee competitions. For fifteen minutes, the participant must present himself and his coffee mix, prepare three four drinks: 4 espresso, 4 cappuccino, 4 Armenian coffee “in the sand” and 4 original drinks. The winners will be evaluated by an international jury.

The organizers also prepared a large show program on the main stage with the participation of folklore and pop groups, DJ.

The organizers of the Festival will be glad to see representatives of public organizations promoting a healthy lifestyle, environmentally friendly products, traditions of hospitality and coffee-tea drinking, when the whole family gathered at one table, the warring parties reconciled, and the estates united.

Within 2 days you can familiarize yourself with the best products of coffee and tea, pastry and confectionery manufacturers not only from Armenia but also abroad, as well as purchase it. You will have the opportunity to enjoy aromatic tea, invigorating coffee and other goodies. You will be able to take part in free educational and entertainment programs that will be organized at the Fair.

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The festival will include:

1. Workshops on the Tea Ceremony from professionals.

2. Barista Championship.

3. Traditional fortune telling on coffee grounds.

4. Concert of Jazz and Pop music on the big stage.

5. Presentation of prizes and nominations in various categories.

The exhibition will be held in the territory of Swan Lake, Yerevan.

Representatives of the following categories of goods and services may take part in the exhibition:

1. World brands of coffee, tea and cocoa

2. Local tea and coffee producers (including herbal teas)

3. Cafes and restaurants

4. Manufacturers of sweets and desserts

5. Barista and Bartenders from any country

6. Manufacturers of specialized equipment

7. Specialized shops of tea and coffee

8. Artists and musicians

9. Experts

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