Yerevan Taraz Fest

Yerevan Municipality, Teryan Cultural Center

Yerevan Taraz Fest
4 août 2018   10:00 AM
Yerevan, Northern Avenue, RA
Yerevan - Armenia

Right in the heart of Yerevan, every year takes place the most cultural event of Armenia, called "Yerevan Taraza Fest". The organizers of the festival are Yerevan Municipality and Teryan Cultural Center.

The event consists of two parts. in the first part is taking place the exhibition-sale with the national costumes of different nations. In the second part of the festival, the Armenian famous designers like Aram Nikolyan, Gevorg Shadoyan, Lilit Meliqyan present their collection of dresses with the elements of Armenian Taraz.

The uniqueness of the festival is that the modern and ancient are being mixed and presented in one stage, in a new and modern way with ancient elements and style. A place where designers are showing the meaning and the importance of the Armenian national costumes.

So if you are in Armenia, never miss the opportunity to be a part of this beautiful and attractive festival and to know more about our ancient culture.

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