Armenian Women Throughout the Ages

Armenian Institute

Armenian Women Throughout the Ages
29 févr. 2024   6:30 PM
Armenian House
25 Cheniston Gardens London W8 6TG United Kingdom
London - United Kingdom

You are invited to join us for an exclusive evening celebrating exceptional Armenian women throughout history. Tatiana Der Avedissian, the chair of trustees at the Armenian Institute and a champion of women’s rights, will take us on a journey evoking the lives of inspiring women, from mythical and historical figures such as goddess Anahit and Shajar al-Durr, sultana of Egypt, to contemporary divas hailing from Armenian roots, like iconic stars Cher and Kim Kardashian, and remarkable figures such as Agnes Joaquim, a 19th-century gardener who created the orchid hybrid that is now Singapore’s national flower, the delicate Vanda ‘Miss Joaquim.’

The event will celebrate Armenian women like never before to help mark International Women’s Day and history month.

We hope you can join us and amplify the stories of these wonder women.

Expect delicious food provided by Jakob's restaurant, as well as music, drinks, and plenty of surprises! Proceeds from the event will go towards supporting The Armenian Institute's mission to foster dialogue and connections with Armenia, the diaspora, and the cultures of the wider region, while collaborating with a diverse range of academics, artists, and creatives to deepen our understanding and awareness of Armenian culture. Please join us and support our efforts to make Armenian history and culture a living experience.

Thanks to the generous support from Armenian House and Jakob's.

Please note that all event tickets are sold online, no tickets are available at the door. To ensure a smooth experience for all attendees, please make sure to register in advance using Eventbrite.

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