Colors of Liberty

DiaspoArts and AGBU Armenia

Colors of Liberty
18 juil. 2019   6:30 PM
AGBU Armenia
2/2 Melik-Adamyan, 0010 Yerevan, Armenia
Yerevan - Armenia

“I know of only two feelings that escape borders, boundaries, and lines: Armenity, on one hand, and liberty, on the other.

But when I think of this ideal, a nuanced gradient of colors unfolds from this limitless imaginary. It is the event of our velvet revolution that awakens the hues of my libertarian aspirations, all the more at a time when Armenia and its diaspora can be thought of no longer as a dichotomy but as a single body, a unified spirit destined to be one in fine.

It is around this credo that the artists of Diaspoarts gather. The exhibit “Colors of Liberty” exists within a continuum between intuition and feeling.

It goes without saying that during the revolution, artists from Armenia lived its primary colors and felt its velvet touch, but artists from the diaspora drew from its scent and its fragrance. They brought to it other colors, light, and depth.

Here you will see both the parts and the whole. Completeness lies within the encounter, it is through the collective of singular voices that we reconcile our past, present and future in a single breathe of life.

A feeling which is echoed in AGBU’s very own motto: ‘in unity there is strength’.”

-​Vatche Demirdjian, President & Founder of the DiaspoArts association


From Yerevan:

Ashot Avagyan

Arman Grigorian

Sahak Poghosyan

Leo Leo Vardanyan

Lusine Karagashyan

Moko Khachatryan

Vahan Rumelyan

Vrej Kassouny

Grigor Muradyan

Alik Kostanyan

Grigor Simonyan

From Paris:

Levon Vardanyan

Dibar Apartian


Chantal Picault

Christine Agopian

Apik Tchakerian

Laurent Soon Nissou

Varteni Mosdichian

Vatché Demirdjian

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