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Crafting Impactful Dashboards for Your Clients

PyData Yerevan

Crafting Impactful Dashboards for Your Clients
16 mai 2024   7:00 PM
PMI Science R&D Center (Teryan 105, 13 building)
Yerevan - Armenia

We are announcing PyData Yerevan’s May meetup!

Adam Kulidjian, Chief Technology Officer at Zyphr Solutions Inc., will feature a talk on “Crafting Impactful Dashboards for Your Clients” offering a handful of heuristics and pragmatic questions that will help you build a better dashboard, regardless of your clients, industry, or use case.

Communicating trends, patterns, and insights through data is integral to understanding the world quantitatively. This phenomenon is used in data science, business intelligence, data analytics, and generally across all scientific disciplines.

Dashboard, particularly one that houses data visualization is the most common way to do it. With the increased accessibility of dashboard creation tools to people using data, there is a need to effectively communicate data, tell compelling stories, and create affordances that allow others to explore the data themselves.

Therefore, mark your calendars to attend the talk and find out more on May 16 at 19:00, at the PMI Science R&D Center (Teryan 105, 13 building).

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