IV international Theatre Festival "Five evenings in Cyprus"

7 févr. 2020   7:30 PM
“Five evenings in Cyprus” in Nicosia, Theatre Satiriko

Love written by Daniel KHARMS.

Directed by Narine GRIGORYAN Russian avant-garde.

Play comes in Russian with English subtitles.

Price 25 Euro

Phone 96302770

The performance "LOVE" by Yerevan state theatre "Amazgayin" - is miracle and absurd.

It is made from works of Daniel Kharms – the most extraordinary of Russian writers.

His work completes the whole period of classic Russian avant-garde, but is relevant to our days:

Kharm’s perception of the world reach the point of absurdity and can accurately convey the spirit of the present time.

The destinies of different people in different periods of time – is the theme of play “LOVE” by Daniel Kharms.

People confused and idly expect a Miracle. Lonely people, who live side by side and do not know about the existing connection between them. Like planets under gravity, they attract and repel each other, not noticing that they obey the Law of Universe – Law of Love!!!!

The performance "LOVE" was awarded the Grand Prix of the Festivals "San Crisa" 2018 (Lithuania) and the prize best chamber performance and best actor (Arman Navasardyan) "Melpomene of Tavria" 2017 (Ukraine).

On 7 of February 2020 – theatre “Amazgaine” will open IV International Theatre Festival.

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