Book Presentation

Monuments and Identities in the Caucasus

Diocese of the Armenian Church of the UK and Ireland

Monuments and Identities in the Caucasus
8 mai 2024   7:00 PM
107 Ealing Road, Brentford
TW8 0LF, Middlesex, UK
London - United Kingdom

"As is known, the exclusion of cultural genocide from the Convention failed to put the defence of the overall cultural identity of a human group at the centre of the struggle for the prevention of the crime of genocide--a possibility which Lemkin considered crucial, but which remained unexplored for several decades. it is necessary to remember that, in the Convention, 'prevention' appears before and is in some ways more important than 'punishment' for the crime itself." --Marcello Flores

Come to the Armenian Diocesan Centre this May for a presentation of the book "Monuments and Identities in the Caucasus: Karabagh, Nakhichevan and Azerbaijan in Contemporary Geopolitical Conflict" by Igor Dorfmann-Lazarev, PhD (2002) and Habilitation (2009) at ÉPHÉ, Sorbonne, lecturer in Oriental Languages at Sofia University, and author of two monographs and numerous articles on Armenia.

All are welcome!

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