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Reshaping Armenian letterforms by Dr. Elena Papassissa

Armenian Institute

Reshaping Armenian letterforms by Dr. Elena Papassissa
23 mai 2024   6:30 PM
Armenian Institute
1 Onslow Street London EC1N 8AS United Kingdom
London - United Kingdom

Reshaping Armenian letterforms: from Paris to Beirut and Yerevan.

1855 Paris saw the appearance of La Colombe du Massis, a bilingual publication in Armenian and French. This made use of newly designed Armenian types bearing Western features.

While traditional Bolorgir types have continued to exist, latinised typefaces have gradually become integrated into Armenian culture. Attachment to tradition and openness to modernity have both contributed to the expression of Armenian cultural identity.

To discuss the modernisation of the Armenian typographic script and its impact on the development of subsequent Armenian typefaces, this talk is visiting three major moments in time and space.

The first one, as we said, took place in Paris in the 1850s when the Armenian printer and publisher Čanik Aramean (1820–1879) introduced latinised Armenian types in La Colombe du Massis. The second instance happened in Beirut in 1968 with artist Onnik Awetisean (1898–1974) publishing his New lowercase letters for printing in Armenian. Our last move takes us to twenty-first-century Yerevan and examines recent typographic trends.

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