Whose Heritage Is It?

Diocese of the Armenian Church of the UK and Ireland

Whose Heritage Is It?
27 avr. 2024   7:00 PM
107 Ealing Road, Brentford
TW8 0LF, Middlesex, UK
London - United Kingdom

Whose heritage is it? Caucasian Albania and Armenian Cultural Heritage in Artsakh ⛪

Join us on APRIL 27 at the Armenian Diocesan Centre in Brentford, 107 Ealing Road, for a special talk by renowned scholar of Armenian Studies, Dr Jasmine Dum Tragut.

Little known in the West, Caucasian Albania has been the subject of renewed discussion among scholars and the general public in the wake of the Nagorno-Karabakh war in 2020 and Azerbaijani revisionism about the region's history, culture, and cultural monuments.

Dr Dum-Tragut will first explain the issue of both the historical Caucasian Albanian Church and the newly established Caucasian Albanian Church of the Udi minority. The latter was set up with the help of and is heavily promoted by the Azerbaijani government.

How great is the real danger of the Azerbaijani government converting Armenian churches and monasteries into Caucasian ones, and how can the Armenian cultural heritage of Artsakh be protected against this?

What can be done from the point of view of scholars and experts of the region, international conventions and charters on the protection of cultural property and the international community?

We look forward to seeing you there and hearing Dr Dum Tragut discuss these topics.

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