Book Presentation

Armenian Ceramics of Jerusalem

Zohrab Information Center, St. Vartan Cathedral

Armenian Ceramics of Jerusalem
13 nov. 2019   7:00 PM
St. Vartan Cathedral, 630 Second Avenue, New York, Armenian Diocese Guild Hall.
New York - United States

The Zohrab Information Center is thrilled to announce the next lecture in the Fall 2019 series on monasticism. On Wednesday, November 13 at 7 PM in the Guild Hall of the Eastern Diocese of the Armenian Church of America, Sato Moughalian will present her recent book, Feast of Ashes: The Life and Art of David Ohannessian. Her Enrichment Evening talk, titled, David Ohannessian and the Armenian Ceramics of Jersualem, will both introduce the audience to her book, and will also place the Armenian ceramic work of David Ohannessian in the context of the St. James Armenian Monastery of Jerusalem. Our Fall lecture series on monasticism explores the education system, cultural context, and the place of Armenian monasteries in the history of Armenian learning and society at large. Ms. Moughalian’s talk introduces the place of art in Armenian monasteries into our series discussion. During this lecture series, the Zohrab Information Center hopes to highlight and animate the practices and knowledges that make Armenian monasteries such important centers of worship and learning.

Free Admission. A reception will follow.

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