Armenian Day at Douma-Batroun

The Armenian Embassy in Lebanon

Armenian Day at Douma-Batroun
8 juil. 2018   9:00 AM
Douma Old Souk, Batroun

Under the patronage of The Armenian Embassy in Lebanon, Douma Club & Ararat Sportive Association invite you to spend an amazing day at Douma's Old Souk, where culture and traditions are combined.

Please find below the schedule of the event:

From 9:00 to 12:00:

Hiking the Lebanon Mountain Trail Douma side trail with Douma Club. Reservation is needed, please contact 03/377018.

From 12:00 to 19:00:

At the Old Souks:

- Tric Trac competition (please call 03/377018 for registration)

- Authentic Armenian and Lebanese "Mounet"

- Artisanal exhibition

- Armenian wine and cognac tasting

Starting from 13.00:

-Delicious Armenian and Lebanese lunch

- Armenian and Lebanese music and dancing with Hagop Kelougian on duduk, Garunik Ghazarian on violin, Armen Ketchek on the piano, Caroline Solage soprano and Shake Baghdasarian


A lot of surprises awaits you!

Join us on this special day.

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