AYF-YOARF Senior Seminar

AYF Eastern Region USA

AYF-YOARF Senior Seminar
26 sept. 2020   10:00 AM
Massachusetts - United States

The 2020 Central Senior Seminar Council would like to invite all senior members to the first ever virtual Senior Seminar 2020! It will take place on Saturday, September 26th on Zoom.

The theme for this year’s Senior Seminar will be "Armenia, Diaspora, One Struggle – Հայաստան, Սփիւռք, Մէկ Պայքար”. Being almost a century since post-WWI treaties and events, we wanted to focus on the cause and effect of what happened so long ago, and how it still lingers and is being consistently and blatantly repeated in our homeland and diaspora. A perfect example of this is what is currently happening with Azerbaijan.

Applications are NOW OPEN. Members from AYF East, West, and Canada are encouraged to sign up for this event. Those who sign up by Sunday, September 13 will be entered in an AYF merch giveaway!

If you wish to contact the CSSC with any questions, suggestions, or concerns, you can email us at

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