Music Studio – Musical Nationalism – Levon Chilingirian

Armenian Institute

Music Studio – Musical Nationalism – Levon Chilingirian
28 sept. 2020   7:30 PM
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London - United Kingdom

Levon Chilingirian, leader of the world-renowned Chilingirian Quartet, is Professor of Violin and Chamber Music Artist in Residence at the Royal Academy of Music (London) and at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama (London).


Beginning with Armen Tigranian’s Anoush Opera, Levon Chilingirian explores the

uses of traditional folk music in European classical forms of composition. These

composers were active in the creation of modern national identities across Europe,

combining the instrumentation and structures of a shared European tradition with local folk song and dance. Excerpts from composers as diverse as Khachaturian, Babajanyan, Enescu, Greig, Dvorak, Vaughan Williams, Bartok and Mansurian will be played and discussed, looking at their varied approaches.

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